Apr 4, 2015

Beauty at its best - The New Gen.Nissan Maxima

Much surprising news for the Maxima Lovers..!!

The Premium Sporty Business Class Car MAXIMA now got an ultra new generation look and will be available from the US by the third quarter of 2015. 

The sad news is, the new beauty will be available only in US. And not decided about the outside market :((

Nissan realizing, love at first sight is a factor than how it performs later. The proven technology was not enough to boost the sale old styled Maxima. The flagship model of Nissan now got the advantage of look when compared with the rivals like Honda Accord, Mazda 6, Toyota Avalon like models.

This 8th generation flagship model is much more sportier than the old generation Maxima. When you seeing the interior, it gives an awesome feel of sporty mood to that make anyone tempting to race. The irregular shape of the wheel is somewhat similar to the sports wheels in the market.

The new Maxima will be using the upgraded 3.5ltr, V6 engine with 300 horses. Its much far beyond its rivals. 

Feb 20, 2015

Honda HR-V

Recently, Japan auto makers introduced their new compact crossover - HRV.  The new crossover built on the existing platform of   hatchback Jazz. The new HR-V will be available from the showrooms by mid of 2015 or say in a couple of months time.

Honda claims the new HR-V would be offering the best in its class in terms of space, interior, specifications and facilities. The newcomer compete with the existing models of Mazda CX-3, Suzuki Vitara, Ford Ecosport, Renault Duster, Nissan Terrano and the other compact crossovers around the world.

The new HR-V will be using a 1.6 liter diesel engine and 1.5 liter gasoline that producing a power of 120hp and 130hp paired with a 6 speed manual transmission. The petrol variant also be available with 5 speed CVT (continuous variable transmission).

Feb 1, 2015

Buying a car with 'Petty Cash'

The car dealer in China never imagined it would be a nightmare when one person told his plan to buy a new car from the showroom. Upon conversation, the man told, there will not be any cheque or online payment as the advance will be from my 'petty cash..'!!

The manager thought he is talking about paper money. The value of the car was 51,800 yuan where the new customer offered 20,000 as the down payment for his favorite car. Surprisingly, the man reached the showroom with 4 huge black carry bags of 0.1, 0.5 and 1 yuan weighing a total of 150Kgs..!!

It took half day to count the total sum by eight vendors. The new customer did not disclosed the source of the 'fund' as he said it received from his business..!!

Now the dealer is waiting for the extra ordinary customer's next visit - within 3 days..!!

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